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      Hebei Cuishi Rubber Products technology Co., Ltd. was founded in the 1980s .our company is adjoining Shandong Qinghe, Beijing-Kowloon Railway and 308 National Highway through the city, north of the city is green silver high-speed, excellent geographical location, broad prospects for development. There is the ideal environment to investment. we specialize in EPDM (EPDM) rubber, PVC plastics, as well as high-grade silicone products. Our company established long-term cooperation with professional manufacturers of car doors and windows, wooden doors, sliding doors, plastic-steel windows and other construction machinery doors and windows sealed with tape.
      The company's existing more than 110 employees, including 12 senior engineers. We o..

      Tel:+86 0319-8181678 8181826 8060168
        +86 0319-5530116 5530126  
      Fax:+86 0319-8280974  
      Director:Jianjun Cui +86 13931960328  
      Zip code:054800 
      Add:Yangerzhuang Industry and Trade Zone ,Qinghe,Hebei,China


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      Tel:0319-8181678 8181826 8060168 5530116 5530126 Fax:0319-8280974 Add:Yangerzhuang Industry and Trade Zone ,Qinghe,Hebei,China  

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